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Online Counselling

For many people, online counselling is a more convenient and comfortable form of counselling than traditional face to face counselling services. Here at Marriage and Relationship Counselling we offer all of our counselling services both face to face and online. No matter where you are in Ireland, our affordable online counselling services can be availed of over webcam with the use of the Zoom app. If you’re looking for any of our services, but want them to take place online, simply get in touch and we can advise you on how to set up for your next counselling session, stress-free. Similar to our face to face sessions, before you begin your online counselling journey our professional counsellor will conduct an informal assessment of your counselling needs in order to understand what you wish to achieve from counselling, and will tailor counselling methods to suit you. Following this, you will begin your online counselling journey, learning coping skills and working through your problems in a supportive, non-judgemental, professional environment.

Online Counselling Services Include:

Online Marriage and Relationship Counselling
Online Trauma Counselling
Online Stress Management
Online Bereavement Counselling
Online Youth Counselling
Online Anxiety Counselling
Online Depression Counselling

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Online Counselling FAQ

Is online counselling as good as face to face counselling?

It depends on the person. For some people, face to face counselling is more effective but for others, online counselling is more effective. Why not get in touch today and discuss your options for online counselling?

What kind of counselling do you do online?

Marriage and Relationship Counselling offers all of our regular counselling services as online sessions including trauma counselling, relationship counselling, counselling for anxiety and stress, and more.

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