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‘A great marriage is not when 'the perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy the differences' Dave Meurer

Marriage and Relationship Counselling

If you’ve been experiencing problems in your relationship, perhaps it’s time to embark on a couple’s counselling journey together. Here at Marriage and Relationship Counselling, we specialise in couple’s counselling, using a range of different counselling techniques to guide couples on how to strengthen their relationship when things get tough. If you feel as though there is a lack of communication or understanding in your relationship, counselling can be beneficial, helping both partners work through things in a communication-focused, positive, and nurturing environment.

What is Couple’s Counselling?

Couple’s Counselling, or marriage and relationship counselling, is a type of counselling that helps partners to strengthen a romantic relationship that may be struggling. As relationships and people grow and develop, problems can arise and become more serious over time. Marriage and relationship counselling aims to provide a safe-space for couples to speak openly and honestly to one another, navigating and solving any issues in the relationship with the help of a counsellor. Marriage and Relationship Counselling is highly experienced when it comes to providing Kildare marriage counselling and couple’s counselling services, helping you and your partner work through problems in a calm, relaxing, and communicative environment.


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When Should I Seek Couple’s Counselling?

When trust has been broken
When communication has broken down
When you are arguing frequently
When emotional and physical intimacy has been affected
When you want to continue a relationship but don’t know how
When you want to speak openly to your partner but don’t feel comfortable doing so
When a traumatic event happens- such as the death of a loved one, which is impacting your relationship
You feel your relationship is unhealthy or dysfunctional

Couple’s Counselling FAQ

Where can I find couple’s counselling near me?

Marriage and Relationship counselling provides Kildare marriage counselling, Kildare relationship counselling, and Kildare couple’s counselling from Athy.

Do I have to go to couple’s counselling with my partner?

It’s totally up to you. Marriage and Relationship Counselling Kildare provides couple’s counselling with both members of the partnership present, which is a great way of working through issues that both of you are having in the relationship. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, however, we offer one on one counselling services for couples where one or both members of the couple can avail of individual sessions to work through relationship problems.

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